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Isn’t it time
you Insure Different?

Purchasing insurance is like being forced to buy tickets to a lottery you hope to never win. It doesn’t have to feel like that.

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Life, Disability, Critical Illness
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  • I feel that they treated me the way I deserve to be treated. I got the best value with the answers to my questions, and a proactive broker who works hard to find me good coverage.

    Dr. Vanessa Ashworth
    Dr. Vanessa Ashworth Port Colborne
  • They care about the community and are very active and make our community a better place.

    Andy Medhurst
    Andy Medhurst Port Colborne
  • When my husband got sick, I needed to understand what my coverage meant. I felt scared and alone. I needed someone who wasn’t going to push us to the side and only call us once a year to renew. That was MG&A. We trust them.

    Sharon Domster
    Sharon Domster Port Colborne
  • The team was down to earth. The meeting was comfortable and convenient with my very busy schedule and they answered all of my questions about my policy.

    Brittany Carver
    Brittany Carver Port Colborne
  • I went to MG&A and asked if they could do better on my commercial insurance. They worked hard and asked questions. They called back and kept me in the loop and made me feel like my small business mattered.

    Wayne Stefinashin
    Wayne Stefinashin Port Colborne
  • I put solar panels on my home and my old insurance dropped me. I couldn’t sleep. No one I called had any answers. Then I called MG&A. They said it was easy. They found a company and took care of everything in a day.

    Cyndie Moretto
    Cyndie Moretto Port Colborne

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