Why You Can’t Wait

“But I can’t afford life insurance…” These are words that we hear often in the business we’re in. Folks just can’t seem to see their way clear to spend a few dollars every month to protect their [...]

Well, That Was Unexpected…

In the wee hours of November 1, 2019, a huge storm ripped across Southern Ontario, causing over $50 million worth of damage in its wake. We’ve had big storms in this area before, but this storm [...]

Breezy Indeed…

The 23rd and 24th of February in South Niagara will be a time that is looked back upon with something less than fondness. Heck, the whole of Ontario enjoyed some pretty windy weather those few [...]

How Hard is a Hard Market?

Overheard at the grocery checkout recently: “I guess all the insurance companies are raising their rates. I heard it on the news.” It’s a true story. Rates are up all over the place. If you [...]

Giraffes and Hospital Bills

You’re driving to work some Monday morning, when out of nowhere a giraffe runs in front of your car. You swerve to miss it, and land your car in a tree. The car is destroyed, and you have [...]

The Thing That Caused The Thing

Back in August of 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit the southern coast of the United States, making landfall on Florida and Louisiana. It was a Category 5, and it made a terrible mess of the city of [...]

Meet Our New Helper!

Pictured here is Bella. She is a Chocolate Lab, and working in the office is one of her favorite things to do. As a scent hound, she specializes in “sniffing out” good risks, and kissing visitors [...]

What To Expect When You Least Expect It

Here’s a scenario for you: You drive a 10 year-old car, planning to one day replace it. Whenever it breaks down, and it seems to break down a LOT these past few years, you question the logic in [...]