Meet Our New Helper!

Pictured here is Bella. She is a Chocolate Lab, and working in the office is one of her favorite things to do. As a scent hound, she specializes in “sniffing out” good risks, and kissing visitors to the office.

Bella started her career in insurance back in 2012 as an Office Greeter, in our Client Care Department. Those were exciting times, as there was so much to learn. And as a young dog, she was a quick study with lofty aspirations of one day owning and running her own insurance brokerage. Over time, she began to see the time commitment required to place and service insurance policies, so she decided to stay in her current role as Office Greeter.

Stop by the office and meet Bella. She works most afternoons. She is very friendly, and she looks forward to working with you personally.

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